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Mechanical engineering

Terms related to the discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems.

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Mechanical engineering

out-the-front (OTF)

Engineering; Mechanical engineering

Out-the-front is a designation of folding knife where the blade is engaged in a sliding motion, rather than a hindging motion, the blade's point facing away from the operator in both the open and ...


Engineering; Mechanical engineering

Detents are notch-groove partner systems to help keep a folding knife in the closed and/or open position. They are usually made using a ball bearing pressed into the lock bar that reciprocate with a ...

engineering cybernetics

Engineering; Mechanical engineering

Engineering cybernetics or technical cybernetics, established by H.S. Tsien, is a field of cybernetics, which deals with the question of control engineering of mechatronic systems as well as chemical ...


Engineering; Mechanical engineering

The bowie knife is an iconic knife design, popularised in part by its extensive use in the Vietnam war. The bowie blade shape is a distinctive one, the blade mostly straight until the point where the ...


Engineering; Mechanical engineering

Drop-point describes a knife blade-shape where the spine of the knife is shaped so that is 'drops' to meet the upward curve of the blade, creating a more leaf shaped blade silhouette. The dipping of ...


Engineering; Mechanical engineering

A clip-point is a type of knifepoint where the spine of the knife is cut in a concave arc to meet the cutting edge of the knife. This style of knifepoint is seen on most Bowie style knives as well as ...


Engineering; Mechanical engineering

The term used to describe a decorative temper line created by a specific heat treatment process. The word itself is a loan word from Japanese, as most Japanese blades from even before the Heian Era ...

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