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silver is a metallic chemical element with the chemical symbol Ag and atomic number 47. Silver is a soft white lustrous transition metal.

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Metals; Silver

The legally recognised purity of wrought silver after alloy with other metals. Only two standards are currently recognised in the uk: sterling standard (925 parts pure silver in a 1000) and britannia ...


Metals; Silver

The tap of a tea urn or similar.

snuffer mull

Metals; Silver

Cylindrical form of snuff box, generally of Scottish origin. Also describes silver mounted snuff boxes made from a hollowed ram or cow’s horn. 18th century.

snuffer scissors

Metals; Silver

A scissors designed to trim candle wicks, often accompanied by snuffer trays. 17th-19th century.

snuff box

Metals; Silver

A small box for keeping snuff (tobacco which has been powdered for inhaling). From mid 17th-19th century.


Metals; Silver

A type of dyed granular leather used to cover boxes for the presentation of small silver items, jewels etc. Different skins have been used from horse and camel to shark (popular from mid 18th ...

sheffield plate

Metals; Silver

The technique for plating copper with sterling silver developed in Sheffield in circa 1740. Method relies on fusing sheets of copper and sterling silver together by binding and heating them before ...

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