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Relating to an underground network of tramcars that transport people within an urban setting.

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Transportation; Subway

1.An underground passage for conveying water-pipes, gas-pipes, telegraph wires, etc. 2.A tunnel beneath a road, river, railway,etc.,for the use of pedestrians or vehicles.

rush hour

Transportation; Subway

A part of the day during which traffic congestion on roads and crowding on public transport is at its highest. Normally, this happens twice a day—once in the morning and once in the evening, the ...


Transportation; Subway

The discipline of attentive observation of people's behavior while in the tube, tube stations etc. From trying tracing the geographical area of provenience by someone's facial or bodily features, to ...

line 13

Transportation; Subway

The uncle of subways. He is slow but he makes it. The third one to be constructed, it connects the suburbs, Haidian, Chanping, Chaoyang to line 2. Until line 10, line 13 was the lonegst line in ...

line 2

Transportation; Subway

More like the young brother of line 1. Constructed a decade and a half later in 1984. The busiest of all subways, line 2 had meager beginnings. It started as a horseshoe in shape, running through 16 ...

line 10

Transportation; Subway

Big cousin line. Working has for his money, line 10 still runs smooth, and takes risers through the business district of Beijing. Started as a partial line (Phase 1), it opened in 2008, ready for the ...


Transportation; Subway

This indicate the subway with full of people. This happens particularly people who commute to work always go through this experience every morning and night of rush hour. When the metro door is ...

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