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Wrestling is a type of combat sport involving grappling type techniques. Wrestling is a physical competition usually between two people with the objective of gaining a superior physical position over your opponent.

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dusty finish

Sports; Wrestling

Typically a finish in which the face appears to win a big match, but the decision is later reversed due to interference by other heels to save the heel champion, as, in most federations, the title ...


Sports; Wrestling

A wrestler who accompanies another to matches, and acts as a bodyguard. This term was coined by Arn Anderson, whose nickname was "The Enforcer". Another definition is an individual who acts in a ...

extreme wrestling

Sports; Wrestling

A style of wrestling based heavily on highspots, no limits, and no boundaries. Matches that are more fast-paced and over the top with High impact style are seen in Japan and Mexico. Sometimes ...

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

Sports; Wrestling

American publicly listed company dealing mainly in professional wrestling, but with multiple other related sources of revenue. The WWE was founded in 1952 as Capitol Wrestling Corporation Ltd, but ...


Sports; Wrestling

This is the person who is in charge of the match. They stand on the mat with the wrestlers, they enforce the wrestling rules and they will raise an arm or fingers to designate points being awarded to ...


Sports; Wrestling

Scoring goes from 1 point up to 5 points for different take down's and different throws. See Rules of the Game for details.


Sports; Wrestling

There is a Referee, a Mat Chairman, a Judge and a Mat Controller who is the timekeeper. Please see the section Officials and their Duties.

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