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Anything related to the production or supply of energy in any form.

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known geothermal resource area (KGRA)

Energy; Geothermal

A region identified by the U.S. Geological Survey as containing geothermal resources.


Energy; Geothermal

The simultaneous demand of all customers required at any specified point in an electric power system.


Energy; Geothermal

The Earth's inner layer of molten rock, lying beneath the Earth's crust and above the Earth's core of liquid iron and nickel.


Energy; Geothermal

The unit of energy is the joule (J). It is defined as the work done, or energy expended, by a force of one newton moving one metre in the direction of the force. When we consider ...

megawatt (MW)

Energy; Geothermal

One megawatt is equal to 1000 kilowatts or one million watts.

multiplier effect

Energy; Geothermal

The multiplier effect is sometimes called the ripple effect because a single expenditure in an economy can have repercussions throughout the entire economy. The multiplier is a ...

peaking plants

Energy; Geothermal

Electricity generating plants that are operated to meet the peak or maximum load on the system. The cost of energy from such plants is usually higher than from baseload plants.