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Culinary arts

The art of preparing and cooking foods.

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Culinary arts; Fish, poultry, & meat

Goulash (gulaš in Serbian) is a meat dish originating from Hungary. It is a thick stew made of different meats (usually beef or pork) with added vegetables in order to make the ...


Culinary arts; Fish, poultry, & meat

Sarma is generally the center of Serbian celebrations. Rolls of saurkraut filled with rice and minced meat and then boiled with larger chunks of meat, it is generally eaten with ...


Culinary arts; Fish, poultry, & meat

Serbian burger (pljeskavica) is the national dish of Serbia; it is served in homemade loaf of bread (lepinja) with condiments and vegetables, of which only cabbage and/or onions ...

russian salad

Culinary arts; Fish, poultry, & meat

Russian salad is mostly enjoyed during slavas, weddings, New Year's, Christmas and other festivities. Generally, the recipe varies from family to family, but the stock recipe ...

fisherman's soup

Culinary arts; Fish, poultry, & meat

Fisherman's soup (riblja čorba or fiš paprikaš in Serbian) is traditionally eaten in seafood restaurants and during fast days. It is a thick broth with a spicy taste (due to ...


Culinary arts; Fish, poultry, & meat

Meat roasts are the centerpieces of every Serbian meals. Pig roast is usually eaten, with lamb roast being reserved for certain occasions (such as Easter and St. George's Day). ...


Culinary arts; Fish, poultry, & meat

Fish provides powerful omega-3 fatty acids. Evidence suggests that omega-3s, particularly those coming from fish, may help prevent inflammatory diseases, such as coronary heart ...