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Of or pertaining to the process or business of extracting materials, such as ore or minerals, from the earth's crust.

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asteroid mining

Mining; General mining

The future industry of sending spacecraft to asteroids in order to harvest their natural resources and bring them back to civilization for use. On April 24th 2012, the first real ...


Mining; General mining

A rock that is made of the minerals calcite and dolomite. It is usually white or gray, but often also has marks of other colors.


Mining; General mining

An inorganic compound occurring naturally in the earth's crust, with a distinctive set of physical properties, and a definite chemical composition.


Mining; General mining

The science of removing metals from the rocks in which they are found. Metallurgy also studies how to make metals pure.

metamorphic rock

Mining; General mining

A rock formed from an older rock that has been changed because of heat or pressure in the Earth's crust.


Mining; General mining

A mineral that is made of thin, shiny sheets that split apart easily. Mica occurs in different colors and is common igneous and metamorphic rocks.


Mining; General mining

A hard, transparent mineral made of silica and oxygen. Quartz is most common of all minerals.