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Anything related to the production or supply of energy in any form.

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Biology; Biomass

Organisms are classified into five broad taxonomic categories (Monera, Protista, Plantae, Fungi, Animalia) into which organisms are grouped, based on common characteristics. This ...


Biology; Biomass

Structures at the centromeres of the chromosomes to which the fibers of the mitotic spindle connect.

kidney stones

Biology; Biomass

Crystallized deposits of excess wastes such as uric acid, calcium, and magnesium that may form in the kidney.


Biology; Biomass

The energy needed to heat 1000 grams of water from 14.5 to 15.5 degrees C.


Energy; Biomass

Biomass refers to products, waste and residues from agriculture, forestry and related industries, as well as the biogenic fraction of industrial and municipal waste. The mass of ...


Biology; Biomass

A fibrous protein that fills mature keratinocytes near the skin's surface.


Biology; Biomass

The basic cell type of the epidermis; produced by basal cells in the inner layer of the epidermis.