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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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Entertainment; Video

During video recording or editing, the video signal is usually accompanied by its associated audio signal. While editing video, it is sometimes necessary to separate the audio and ...

auditory masking

Entertainment; Video

Auditory masking is used in MPEG and Dolby Digital compression, and is coded based on the range of frequency that human ears can detect.

augmentation channel

Entertainment; Video

A transmission channel carrying information that can augment that being transmitted in an ordinary transmission channel such that a special television set that can receive both ...


Entertainment; Video

The encoding of material from various sources, all the conversion processes of the encoded data, incorporating the required control structures and other signals for playback ...

authoring platform

Entertainment; Video

Computer hardware and software used to create material for use on a multimedia system. The video quality of the authoring platform has to be high enough that the playback ...

auto assembly

Entertainment; Video

a) Process of assembling an edited videotape on a computerized editing system under the control of an edit decision list (EDL). A computer automatically conforms source footage ...

automated measurement set

Entertainment; Video

Device that automatically performs tests on audio and video signals and generates pass/fail results by testing the signals against predetermined parameters.