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General food products.

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Food (other); Grains

A bland flavored cereal grass used chiefly for forage in the U.S., but as a staple for one-third of the world's population. Millet can be boiled and used to make a hot cereal ...


Food (other); Grains

Oat bran is created from the outer layer of oat groats and is usually sold as a hot cereal. Oat groats are whole-oat kernels, which are cooked like rice. Rolled oats are heated ...


Food (other); Grains

This supergrain of the future contains more protein than any other grain. It is a complete protein (it contains all 8 essential amino acids) and is very high in unsaturate fat. ...


Food (other); Grains

Besides long-grain, there's medium- and short-grain rice, which has a shorter, fatter kernel. The shorter grains stick together when cooked, which is why they are used to make ...


Food (other); Grains

A type of wheat.


Food (other); Grains

A nutritious hybrid of wheat and rye which contains more protein and less gluten than wheat. Normally found in health food stores, it is available as whole berries, flakes, and ...

wehani rice

Food (other); Grains

This aromatic long-grain rice is a rich darkbrown color and is grown exclusively by Lundberg Family Farms, who specialize in quality, organically grown rice products.