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Food (other); Grains

A powder made by germinating, drying, and grinding grains. Enzymes are added during the process to partially convert the starch to sugar. This creates the sweet-tasting malt used ...


Food (other); Grains

A tube-shaped pasta noodle approximately 4 inches long by 1 inch in diameter. Normally stuffed with a cheese or meat mixture, covered with a sauce, then baked before serving.


Food (other); Grains

A thin, crisp, unleavened bread that is traditionally eaten during the Jewish Passover. Tradition dictates that matzos be made only with water and flour, but moderns include ...

melba toast

Food (other); Grains

This accompaniment to soups and salads is a very thin, dry toast. Created by Auguste Escoffier for opera singer Dame Nellie Melba.


Food (other); Grains

A sweet, short-grained, Glutinous rice with a very high starch content that is used to make rice cakes.


Food (other); Grains

A large, 2-inch macaroni tube cut on the diagonal. This noodle is available with both a ridged or a plain surface.


Food (other); Grains

A pasta made of flour, water, and egg yolks. (Macaroni and spaghetti don't use egg yolks.) Noodles come in a wide variety of shapes and are used all around the world.