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Of or pertaining to any administrative organ that has authority to govern a political state.

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area of freedom, security and justice

Government; European Union

An established area of freedom, security and justice, with the aim of ensuring genuine freedom of movement for individuals on the territory of the European Union and a higher ...

antitrust control

Government; European Union

The term "antitrust" refers to competition rules on agreements and business practices which restrict competition and on abuse of dominant positions. Agreements and concerted ...

accession negotiations

Government; European Union

Accession negotiations are vital for monitoring and helping candidate countries to prepare for accession and for assessing how ready they are. Each country is judged on its own ...

broad economic policy guidelines (BEPG)

Government; European Union

The broad economic policy guidelines (BEPG) are the central link in coordination of the Member States' economic policies. They are adopted by the Council in the form of a ...


Government; European Union

All the European Union's revenue and expenditure is entered in the Community budget on the basis of annual forecasts. The budget is governed by several principles, including: * ...

Charter of Fundamental Rights

Government; European Union

The Charter of Fundamental Rights consolidates in a single document the fundamental rights applicable at the European Union (EU) level. It establishes ethical principles and ...