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Articles made from precious metals and often set with gemstones that are worn on the body for personal adornment.

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cubic zirconia

Fashion; General jewelry

A lab created diamond simulant, often abbreviated as CZ. While CZ is a transparent stone, trace elements can be added to the manufacturing process, producing a wide range of ...


Fashion; General jewelry

he lowest part of a gemstone. This looks the tip or point of the stone.


Fashion; General jewelry

ee Copper-bearing.


Fashion; General jewelry

emantoid is a rare and valuable andradite garnet. It exhibits a range of greens from dull to bright emerald green and on rare occasions displays yellow. On Mohs scale of hardness, ...


Fashion; General jewelry

The ratio of a gemstone when compared to the weight of an equal volume of water. This means how heavy a gemstone is compared to the same volume of water. Also known as "specific ...

diamond cut

Fashion; General jewelry

Also known as the Brilliant Cut, the style of cutting a stone with multiple facets to maximize brilliance. Modern round brilliant cuts have 58 facets.


Fashion; General jewelry

term meaning the ability of some gems to display a second shade of the same color when viewed from a different angle. A dichroscope can see this change, and is used for ...