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Medical; Illness

A disease in which a person has severe diarrhea. It is caused by bacteria or parasites.


Medical; Illness

The swelling of the thyroid gland, which leads to a swelling on the neck.


Medical; Illness

A clouding that develops in the crystalline lens of the eye or in its envelope, varying in degree from slight to complete opacity and obstructing the passage of light.


Medical; Illness

Fear of sitting: The fear from sitting can effect people who perform some sort of activity which is related to pain with sitting. The people who have been hostages and been ...


Medical; Illness

Disease in which cartilage or bone becomes very hard and dense like ivory.

clinical lycanthropy

Medical; Illness

Is defined as a rare psychiatric syndrome that involves a delusion that the affected person can transform or has transformed into a non-human animal or that he or she is an ...


Medical; Illness

Psychiatry relating mental disturbance to disordered brain function.The combination of Psychiatry and Neurology.Mental disorders created by brain disfunction.