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Any business that provides its subscribers with a wide variety of data transmitted over telecommunications lines, an infrastructure in which they can communicate with one another as well as the means to connect with an almost unlimited number of third-party information providers.

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augmented reality

Mobile communications; Mobile phones

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that combines real-world information with computer-generated images and content, and is presented blended in a computer screen or in a ...

Blind Legend

Online services; Online games

Blind Legend is a 'Video-less' 3D games, currently being developed mainly for blind or visually impaired players. "Video-less" games use a production technique ...


Online services; Online games

Mid does refers to the middle lane of the map. This map can be seen on DOTA 2 online game.


Online services; Online games

Nuker is a Hero who cast some spell immediately that deals a very huge amount of damage to the enemy or surrounding.


Online services; Online games

This is short for Roshan, the big neutral creep beside the river below the middle lane. This is an indicator which means that the team should kill Roshan now or that the opposing ...


Online services; Online games

Refers to the action where you repeatedly using a particular spell. When spamming, you cast the same spell immediately after cool down.


Online services; Online games

Also known as Super Skill. For Southeast Asian players, this is usually abbreviated as "SS." This signals a particular hero to use their Ultimate or Super Skill.