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The study of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct.

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act utilitarianism

Philosophy; Ethics

Theory that the principle of utility is or ought to be applied to particular acts in particular circumstances. An act utilitarian justifies actions simply by direct appeal to the ...

consequentialist theories

Philosophy; Ethics

A normative approach to morality that views what should be done as determined by consequences. The most common ethical/philosophical expressions are utilitarianism in its various ...

deontological (non-consequentialist) theories

Philosophy; Ethics

A normative stance that views what should be done as determined by fundamental principles that do not derive solely or even primarily from consequences. An act or rule is right ...


Philosophy; Ethics

Action, or an act, that is due by moral or legal obligation. Rights, grounded in core ethical principles such as autonomy, beneficence/nonmaleficence and justice, create duties -- ...

facts and values

Philosophy; Ethics

Bifurcation of the world into statements about what is (facts) and what ought to be (values). The division is by no means universally accepted; and those that accept the division ...


Philosophy; Ethics

Commonly described as fairness, but more closely aligned to the concept of "desert" (pronounced like, but not to be confused with, "dessert" of the ice-cream et al variety): One ...


Philosophy; Ethics

The principle that one should keep one's promises.