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Refers to any set of beliefs of any community or nation, concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of life and the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a supernatural or divine agency.

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Religion; Islam

The Qur'an is the text foundation of Islam. It is believed that the angel Gabriel disclosed the Qur'an to Muhammad in sections, over a 20-year period.


Religion; Islam

Sawn means "fasting," which refers to the religious fasting that occurs during the month of Ramadan and for other occasions. Sawn is also included in the Five Pillars of Islam.


Religion; Islam

Sa'y refers to the ritual that represents Hagar's search for water, which is to run seven times between two low hill in Mecca during one's hajj.


Religion; Islam

A tax that is required of Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, and Hindus if they wanted to live under Muslim rule.


Religion; Islam

Friday sermons that are also occasionally given during special events.


Religion; Islam

Qibla means "direction", and refers to the requirement that Muslims are supposed to face in the direction of Mecca during their daily prayers.


Religion; Islam

The leaders of the Muslim community. According to Islamic history, the most important khalifs were the four Rightly-Guided Caliphs who led after Muhammad's death.