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Any device that is used to facilitate an activity or process without being consumed itself.

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Tools; Garden tools

A tool that resembles a screwdriver with a split blade on the end. It is used to dig up dandelions and other weeds, roots and all. It comes in a variety of lengths and sizes.

watering can

Tools; Garden tools

Tool for watering either indoor plants and outside gardens. Models are typically available in plastic or metal and can hold a couple quarts or a couple gallons of liquid. Some ...


Tools; Garden tools

A spade, this tool typically features a flat surface. It is handy when the job calls for preparing a hole for planting, or removing a plant from one location to transplant it to ...

metal rake

Tools; Garden tools

A long metal, wooden or plastic pole topped with a wide head with tines (teeth), used for collecting leaves and levelling soil.


Tools; Garden tools

A gas-powered machine with rotating perpendicular blades used to chew up grass and dirt to prepare an area for new grass, bush or flower planting. The churning action brings ...

round point shovel

Tools; Garden tools

A type of shovel ideally suited to digging, where the point makes it easy to pierce hard soil. The wide shovel head design holds a large pile of dirt which cuts down on the ...


Tools; Garden tools

Hand-held clippers used to splice branches from rose bushes and small trees. Pruners come in a variety of sizes to handle different jobs.