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General telecom

Terms relating to telecommunication or communication through technological means.

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General telecom

field-disturbance sensor

Telecommunications; General telecom

A restricted radiation device which establishes a radio frequency field in its vicinity and detects changes in that field resulting from the movement of persons or objects within the radio frequency ...

low-power communication device

Telecommunications; General telecom

A restricted radiation device, exclusive of those employing conducted or guided radio frequency techniques, used for the transmission of signs, signals (including control signals,) writing, images ...

common return

Telecommunications; General telecom

A return path that is common to two or more circuits and that serves to return currents to their source or to ground.

working loop

Telecommunications; General telecom

A revenue producing pair of wires, or its equivalent, between a customer's station and the central office from which the station is served.

magnetic drum

Telecommunications; General telecom

A right circular cylinder with a magnetizable surface on which digital data can be stored and retrieved.

slotted-ring network

Telecommunications; General telecom

A ring network that allows unidirectional data transmission between data stations by transferring data in predefined slots in the transmission stream over one transmission medium such that the data ...

shielded enclosure

Telecommunications; General telecom

A room or container designed to attenuate electromagnetic radiation.

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