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General telecom

Terms relating to telecommunication or communication through technological means.

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General telecom


Telecommunications; General telecom

A relationship between two signals such that their corresponding significant instants do not necessarily occur at the same time. Note: Two signals having different nominal signaling rates and not ...


Telecommunications; General telecom

A relatively large-radius bend in an optical fiber, such as might be found in a splice organizer tray or a fiber-optic cable that has been bent. Note: A macrobend will result in no significant ...


Telecommunications; General telecom

A relatively short computer program that performs one specific task. Note: A script is normally used to automate complex or advanced features or procedures within a system. Scripts are commonly used ...

robot (bot)

Telecommunications; General telecom

A relatively small and focused computer application that (a) runs continuously, in the background (i.e., simultaneously,) as other programs are being run, and (b) responds automatically to a user's ...

neutral relay

Telecommunications; General telecom

A relay in which the direction of movement of the armature does not depend upon the direction of the current in the circuit controlling the armature.

remote line location

Telecommunications; General telecom

A remotely located subscriber line access unit which is normally dependent upon the central processor of the host office for call processing functions.

COMSEC module

Telecommunications; General telecom

A removable component that performs COMSEC functions in a telecommunications equipment or system.

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