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General telecom

Terms relating to telecommunication or communication through technological means.

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General telecom

station message-detail recording (SMDR)

Telecommunications; General telecom

A record of all calls originated or received by a switching system. Note: SMDRs are usually generated by a computer.

history list

Telecommunications; General telecom

A record of the documents visited during a Web session, which list allows users to access previously visited pages more quickly or to generate a record of a user's progress. Synonym bookmark list, go ...

resource record

Telecommunications; General telecom

A record, within a domain name server, that describes an Internet resource. Note: A resource record consists mainly of a domain name, its type, and a value.


Telecommunications; General telecom

A reduction in regulation of (a) tariffs, (b) market entry and exit, and/or (c) facilities in public telecommunication services.

run-length encoding

Telecommunications; General telecom

A redundancy-reduction technique for facsimile in which a run of consecutive picture elements having the same state (gray scale or color) is encoded into a single code word.

standard optical source

Telecommunications; General telecom

A reference optical source to which emitting and detecting devices are compared for calibration purposes. Note: In the United States, recognized standard optical sources must be traceable to the ...

time marker

Telecommunications; General telecom

A reference signal, often repeated periodically, enabling the correlation of specific events with a time scale, such as for establishing synchronization.

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