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Laws and acts

General acts of the international, USA, UK and European Laws.

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Laws and acts

joint and several liability

Law; Laws and acts

Liable individually and collectively. If only one of several defendants has the ability to pay damages, he may be liable for all the damages, not just a percentage.

judgment debtor

Law; Laws and acts

Party who must pay damages after a trial and he is obligated to satisfy the court decision because an unsatisfied court decision is awarded against him.


Law; Laws and acts

The doctrine that dictates that enforcement of a legal right can be denied if the person seeking to enforce the right unreasonably delayed the action to the prejudice of the person against whom the ...

motion to compel

Law; Laws and acts

A motion asking the court to require that the other party perform some act, such as answering discovery requests or producing a witness for questioning.


Law; Laws and acts

Establishment of a duty, followed by a breach of that duty and an establishment of damages.For compensation to be awarded, it must be established that the negligence was the proximate cause of ...

degree of negligence

Law; Laws and acts

One of the varying levels of negligence typically designated as slight negligence, ordinary negligence, and gross negligence.


Law; Laws and acts

The required, desired or allowed amount; portion or share.

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