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Laws and acts

General acts of the international, USA, UK and European Laws.

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Laws and acts


Law; Laws and acts

The response to the opposing party's rebutal in a trial or other proceeding.


Law; Laws and acts

Validity refers to the act of being effective or binding, or having legal force.


Law; Laws and acts

Provision is a statement within an agreement or a law that a particular thing must happen or be done, especially before another can happen or be done.

Age Discrimination Act of 1975

Law; Laws and acts

A law which prohibits discrimination based on age in programs receiving federal financial assistance. However, the act permits the use of age distinctions and factors other than age.

stop and frisk

Law; Laws and acts

A controversial New York City law that allows police officers to stop and frisk individuals who they feel are suspicious. The rules for stop, question and frisk are found in New York State Criminal ...

Renewable Energy Law of China

Energy; Renewable energy

This law has been approved by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) of the People's Republic of China in the 14th Session on February 28, 2005 main content of Renewable ...

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