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The science and art of healing that employs a variety of health care practices to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness.

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A medicine that is used for the treatment of chronic constipation. Laxatives are of different types depending upon the severity of constipation.


Medical; Medicine

A hollow, pumplike organ of blood circulation, composed mainly of rhythmically contractile smooth muscle, located in the chest between the lungs and slightly to the left and consisting of four ...

systolic blood pressure

Medical; Medicine

Top number in a blood pressure reading.

heart failure (HF)

Medical; Medicine

Inability of the heart to supply sufficient blood flow to meet the body's needs.

cardiovascular disease

Medical; Medicine

Class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels (arteries and veins).


Medical; Medicine

Breakdown product of creatine, which is an important part of muscle.

stable angina

Medical; Medicine

Chest pain or discomfort that typically occurs with activity or stress. Angina is a type of chest discomfort caused by poor blood flow through the blood vessels (coronary vessels) of the heart muscle ...

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