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U.S. election

General elections held every four years to elect the President and Vice President of the United States. These are indirect elections in that ordinary voters cast ballots for a slate of electors of the U.S. Electoral College, who in turn directly elect the President and Vice President.

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U.S. election


Government; U.S. election

Left wing online activists and bloggers. Their annual convention, originally organized by liberal website Daily Kos, is now considered an important stop for aspiring Democrat politicians. The ...


Government; U.S. election

An American term for an orbital highway that often surrounds major cities. In political reporting, the term generally refers to congressional business undertaken inside the highway surrounding ...


Government; U.S. election

Member of the senate, the upper house of congress. Each US state has two (a junior and a senior senator, distinguished by length of service). In 2008 the presumptive nominees from both main parties ...


Government; U.S. election

This is a procedural tactic to block or delay legislation used predominantly in the United States Senate. A filibuster usually involves a senator or group of senators talking for hours or days to ...

ballot initiative

Government; U.S. election

This is a procedure in some US states, whereby citizens can draw up a petition for a proposed change in the law. It will be placed before voters in a referendum if it gathers enough signatures. If ...


Government; U.S. election

Each of the 50 US states has a governor, who is the state's chief administrator. The governor is responsible for the effective and efficient workings of the state's various departments. A ...

purple state

Government; U.S. election

Another term for swing state. A state which could vote Democratic (blue) or Republican (red).

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