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Richard Kuklinski, also known as the "Ice Man," earned this nickname for freezing his victims in order to confuse the time of death to investigators. On the outside, Kuklinksi looked like a normal ...

Domain: People; Category: Criminals

Abel Reles started out his crime career in bootlegging, that was his transition into the world of organized crime. There was a secret group of contract hit-men in the 1930s called Murder, Inc. Reles ...

Domain: People; Category: Criminals

Russian Mob hit-man, Alexander Solonik, often referred to as "the superkiller" or "Sasha the Macedonian" was a lethal Russian contract killer who took hits out on high-ranking mob bosses in Russia. ...

Domain: People; Category: Criminals

Giovanni Brusca was a modern day Italian mafia hit-man. He was known to love eliciting pain from others and is known to have killed over 200 men in his career. He was a part of the mob from his ...

Domain: People; Category: Criminals

Giuseppe Greco was a tough Italian gangster that worked as a hit-man mostly in the 1970s. He was part of a team of killers that were often dubbed "death squads." He was finally caught by his 58th ...

Domain: People; Category: Criminals

Harry Strauss was a part of Murder, Inc. He enjoyed mentally torturing his victims before finishing them off. He murdered at least 35 people. He never carried a gun when he wasn't working. Even ...

Domain: People; Category: Criminals

Frank Abbandando was a part of Murder, Inc. He used a machete to kill one of his famous victims, George Rudnik. It was considered a horrific and brutal killing. He has killed at least 30 people. ...

Domain: People; Category: Criminals

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