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The Tea spirit

Culture; General culture

Many people may think that tea drinking is such time-honored practice in China that no other beverage could truly replace it in a ...


Culture; General culture

A lich is a powerful undead sorcerer who has effectively achieved immortality by binding his spirit to some long-lasting object. ...

The instant convenient tea

Culture; General culture

The instant convenient tea is easy to be carried and easy to be made and suitable for the hot and cold water. In addition, the ...

Constitutional Court of Ukraine

Law; Legal

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine is the sole body of constitutional jurisdiction in Ukraine, according to Article 147 of ...

High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine

Law; Legal

Article 90 of the Law of Ukraine on Judicial System and Status of Judges defines the High Qualification Commission of Judges of ...

The High Economic Court of Ukraine

Law; Legal

The High Economic Court of Ukraine is one of the three specialized cassation courts of Ukraine, along with the High ...

Umbrella term

Literature; Literary terms

An umbrella term covers a broad number of functions or items that all fall under a single common category. For example, ...


Literature; Poetry

A creative inspiration, as that of a poet; a divine imparting of knowledge, thus it is often called divine afflatus. Also defined ...

The Last Don

Literature; Novels

The Last Don is the most ambitious novel of Puzo's legendary career, the product of five years of work and a lifetime of research ...

Blacktail Canyon

Travel; Travel sites

Blacktail canyon is one of the hidden treasures of the Grand Canion. Narrow like a slot canyon, but lumpy and blocky instead of ...

St. Bart's

Travel; Travel sites

One of many islands in the Caribbean Sea, St. Bart's stands out with its blend of French chic and island relaxation. With ...

Shahi Mahal Suite At Raj Palace

Travel; Hotels

In Jaipur, India, you'll find the lavish Raj Palace hotel, which offers its suites at a steep $60,000 a night. In addition to ...

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