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Interesting sights to see and places to visit in the city of Debrecen, located in Hungary.

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The main square of Debrecen, which was handed over to the public in 2001. It is a community space, which gives home to lots of public concerts, festivals like the annual Flower Carneval. The square ...

Domain: Public areas; Tourism & hospitality; Category: Landmarks; Squares

Betweem 1872 and 1892, this house was home to János Irinyi, the inventor of the noiseless match. He is associated almost exclusively with this invention, but he also worked on the formation of the ...

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; Travel; Category: Landmarks

The eclectis style former Financial Palace was completed in 1912. During World War Two, the Provisional Government of Hungary held its assemblies here between 22 December, 1944 and 7 April, 1945.

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; Travel; Category: Landmarks

A bit misleading name, because this building isn't really a "palace", instead it is a tenement building. The name comes from the fact that in the early 20th century Debrecen's ...

Domain: Construction; Tourism & hospitality; Travel; Category: Building/real property; Landmarks

The former, 17th century one-storied English Queen Hotel was extended with another story in 1890. Today the basement of this building accommodates the Csokonai Restaurant.

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; Travel; Restaurants; Category: Landmarks; Misc restaurant

Opposite of the Truncated Church, Debrecen's very first savings bank was already functional in 1872. The currently standing, sececcionist styled building was completed in 1912, with decorations ...

Domain: Banking; Tourism & hospitality; Travel; Category: Investment banking; Landmarks

The catholic cathedral of St. Anna was originally built in 1721 with baroque style. It was repaired and expanded with towers in 1834 by Ferenc Povolny after being damaged by the conflagration in ...

Domain: Architecture; Religion; Tourism & hospitality; Category: Churches; Catholic church; Landmarks

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