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The criteria for diagnosing the autoimmune disorder multiple sclerosis by seeking to establish the extent of damage to the central nervous system. It is widely used to confirm multiple sclerosis ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Diseases

The process of inheritance of trait from parents to their children. This includes molecular structure, genes function, distribution, behaviour and variation. It studies the resemblances and ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Diseases

A recurrence of a previous medical condition after long periods of dormancy. It also related to drug abuse which is resuming of drug use or chemical substance after periods of abstinence.

Domain: Health care; Category: Diseases

A method measuring the extent and level of disability in multiple sclerosis patients. It is also known as the Kurtzke scale, named after the neurologist who developed it.

Domain: Health care; Category: Diseases

Term used to describe the electrifying sensation that occurs upon flexion and movement of the neck, which radiates down to the spine, legs, arms and trunk. It can occur as a result of cervical spinal ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Diseases

A stage in which neurological symptoms of multiple sclerosis worsens temporarily. It is caused by the body's exposure to increased temperature resulting in nerve impulses blockage. Normalization of ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Diseases

An inflammation of the optic nerve which is a nerve bundle fibre necessary for the transmission of visual information to the brain. This can result to severe pain in the eye and temporary loss of ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Diseases

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Can't believe this antibody has the potential to grow in an indefinite manner. There are of course many antibody complications associated with back traction at home as well. I read about all of them recently and was quite stunned.

13:07, 7 April 2022
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