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In this Blossary, you will find the origin of the brand Victoria's Secret and how it has been working until these days.

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Vuosittain arvostettu brändi luo tunnetaan Fantasy Bra rintaliivit Tämä ylellinen rintaliivit on valmistettu jalokiviä tai upotetaan. Ainoa Fantasy Bra, joka julkaistiin myytävänä oli 1996 maksaa USD ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: General fashion

有名なブランドを作成ファンタジーのブラジャーとして知られているブラ毎年この豪華なブラ貴重な宝石から成っているまたはが埋め込まれています。販売のために解放された唯一のファンタジーのブラジャー 1996年原価計算 USD $ 100 万され、2000 年にこのサポート世界のインテリアはジゼル Bundchen によって使用される $ 1500 万米ドルの原価計算をより高価な衣服としてギネス世界記録を授 ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: General fashion

Cada any que la prestigiosa marca crea un sostenidor conegut com Fantasy Bra, aquest luxós sostenidor està formada precioses joies o està incrustat. Els sostenidors de fantasia només va ser llançat a ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: General fashion

She was the first of Afro American and original Angel of this famous brand from 1997 to 2005. She became popular after this participation as model.

Domain: People; Category: Models Collected Term

Founded in 2004 and aimed at teenagers and young university, the Pink sub sells lingerie, pajamas, beauty products and accessories in line with the age of your target market, with the intention that ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: Brands & labels

The annual fashion show that the mark done to promote and market their products in high-profile, this being the most watched fashion shows worldwide. The show features some of the most recognized ...

Domain: Apparel; Category: Fashion shows

Each year the prestigious brand creates a bra known as Fantasy Bra, this luxurious bra is made of precious jewels or is embedded. The only Fantasy Bra which was released for sale was the 1996 costing ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: General fashion

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Tyra Banks was the first Afro American and one of their original Angel of Victoria's Secret brand from 1997 to 2005

12:33, 8 December 2014
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