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고장 (다른 계기는 그들의 솔로 부분이 노래)에 강조 하는 극단적인 금속 및 하드 코어 펑크의 조합 및 moshing 또는 슬램 댄스 아주 도움이 되. 그것은 시끄러운 음악 및 폭력을 ...

Domain: Music; Category: General music

A combination of extreme metal and hardcore punk which emphasizes on breakdown (a song where different instruments has their solo parts) and very conducive to moshing or slam dancing. It has noisy ...

Domain: Music; Category: General music

A subgenre of death metal and grindcore, which deals primarily with sexual ideology and pornography themes. It has plain, slow and rock-like songs which has a potentially offensive nature and banned ...

Domain: Music; Category: General music

A musical genre that combines grindcore intensity and death metal technicality. It focuses on violence, fury, profane language while retaining the abruptness of grindcore's music genre. It is written ...

Domain: Music; Category: General music

A combination of death metal, crust punk, thrash metal and hardcore punk. It is characterized by screaming vocals with a growl, rapid noisy beats, usually short songs which focuses on political ...

Domain: Music; Category: General music

Characterized by fusion of the dark aura of gothic rock and heaviness of doom metal, heavy and death metal. This genre originated in the mid-1990s in the continent of Europe.

Domain: Music; Category: General music

Also known as pop metal or hair metal, is a style of heavy metal that rose during the early 1990s. Their genre combined flamboyant glam rock and hard rock or heavy metal music.

Domain: Music; Category: General music

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