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In the Ndebele culture it is found that we have very many ways to greet one another.

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Akula is a Ndebele term used to respond to the greeting "Yini e'grend?" meaning "Nothing".

Domain: Language; Category: Terminology

Ndebele term to respond to the greeting "Zikhuphani"(whats going on?). Direct translation: "they take out nothing", or "its empty." Actual meaning: "Nothing much is happening" The word "wa" is an ...

Domain: Language; Category: Terminology

Used in the Ndebele language. Direct translation: "They do not swear", but in the Ndebele language it means "I am fine". This is in response to "Zithini?"

Domain: Language; Category: Terminology

Ngi'Shap, used in the Ndebele language. "Ngi" meaning "I am" and "Shap" is another localized term derived from the word "sharp", where the "r" is not pronounced. "I am sharp" would be used to mean "I ...

Domain: Language; Category: Terminology

A Ndebele response. Direct translation: "I am not saying anything", Actual meaning: "I'm ok", as if to say, there is not much happening. This is in response to "Uthuni".

Domain: Language; Category: Terminology

Ola Jeki is a term localized by South Africans as well as Zimbabwean Ndebeles, with "Ola" derived from the spanish word for "Hello" and Jeki having come from the english name "Jack". As Jack is a ...

Domain: Language; Category: Terminology

A Ndebele greeting, asking "What is (yini) grand (grend)?" The word "grend" is none existant in the ndebele dictionary, instead it is a linguistic modification of the word "grand".

Domain: Language; Category: Terminology

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Different cultures have different customs and norms. Cultures can be different but there is no bound that they can not provide the best writing service from their cultures. No one can be more knowledgable about the are and traditions than the locals.

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