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The best sign of zodiac. Full of energy, encouraging, unstoppable, bold, devoted, heroic, caring. But at the same time very proud, self-centered, impulsive, bossy, stubborn, reckless, jealous.

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Was born in March 31, 1943. Is an American actor, screenwriter. Mostly known as Christopher Walken. Has received a number of awards and nominations during his career including winning the Academy ...

Domain: People; Category: Actors

Famous French actor. Was born in April 9, 1933. Belmondo made his debut on 1957, however, before the release of the movie scenes with Belmondo were cut.

Domain: People; Category: Actors

Robert John Downey, Jr. was born in April 4, 1965. Is an American actor. His career started at the age of five in film Pound.

Domain: People; Category: Actors

Russian surgeon and physiologist. Sklifosovsky was a professor of medicine in Saint Petersburg and Kiev. TheMoscow Institute of Emergency First Aid, often abbreviated as Sklif, bears his name since ...

Domain: People; Category: Scientists

Was born in April 1978. Is a Russian showman and actor. He is became well-known for hosting various TV shows, as: Prozhektorperiskhilton, Evening Urgant, Big Difference, Circus With Stars.

Domain: People; Category: Actors

Soviet Union and Russian actor. Member of People's Artists of the USSR. Was born in St.Petersburg in 1918. Modest and sympathetic characters played by Vitsin evoked kindly feelings of viewers. At the ...

Domain: People; Category: Actors

An American actress who was born in April 9, 1990. Is well known for Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga.

Domain: People; Category: Actresses

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