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All terms used in the Human Resources field.

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A munkaidő lehet különböző okok következménye: anyaság, üzemi baleset esetén, hátrány...Ez azt jelenti, hogy a fizetése kevesebb, vagy a nap folyamán (vagy az éjszaka) különböző napszakokban ...

Domain: Business administration; Category: Human resources

Cырьевые товары относятся к тем товарам, которые необходимы для жизни, (например: вода, мука и т.д.), и по которым устанавливаются договорные цены. Это является важной частью ...

Domain: Business services; Category: Business intelligence

Social equity is very important inside a firm. It's one of the main management key in order to get good working conditions and a good activity. All workers should be threaten according equity and ...

Domain: Business administration; Category: Human resources

When a person sees his/her contract ending without any explanations and/or for an unmotivated reason, she/he is a victim of unfair dismissal. If the employer does not respect the legal measurements, ...

Domain: Business administration; Category: Human resources

The income refers to the amount of money a person can get by working. It is usually per months, some benefits or bonus/allowance can be added. This depends of the contract and of the job occupied by ...

Domain: Business administration; Category: Human resources

The working time can be the consequence of different causes: maternity, industrial accident, handicap... It means that the salary can work less, or at different hours during the day (or the night).

Domain: Business administration; Category: Human resources

Lifelong learning is commonly used in the Human Resources field. It concretely means that you're trained and you learn from your mistake all your life. We tend to say that we keep learning from our ...

Domain: Professional careers; Category: Career

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