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This is a great look at some of the words Shakespeare invented (or popularized) in his plays.

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While accused had been used as a verb in the past, Shakespeare was the first one to popularize it as a noun. Example: The accused will defend himself tomorrow.

Domain: Legal services; Category: General law

Where would tabloids be without addictions? Addiction was first used by Shakespeare in Henry V and Othello.

Domain: Literature; Category: Shakespeare

This adjective means that good fortune or success should follow. It is thought that Shakespeare received his inspiration from a Roman practice of fortune telling by looking at the path a bird had ...

Domain: Literature; Category: General literature

Humans have always had elbows, but before Shakespeare we had no word to express how we used them. Luckily, in King Lear he introduced the verb form and, "to elbow" was born.

Domain: Literature; Category: General literature

People had epilepsy before Shakespeare; but Shakespeare was the first to coin the adjective epileptic. We see this word for the first time in his play King Lear.

Domain: Medical; Category: Illness

Alligator was a word in other languages, but Shakespeare took it and made it his own by changing the spelling and bringing it to English.

Domain: Animals; Category: Reptiles

Besmirch is first seen in I Henry IV. It is still used today and means to damage or hurt someone's name or reputation.

Domain: Literature; Category: General literature

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