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An article detailing different terms relating to volcanoes and volcanic eruptions.

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பிடிபட்ட ஸ்ரீ வடிவான முடிவுசெய்ய பிடிபட்ட ஸ்ரீ அமைப்புக்களையும் ஆகியவை. அவர்கள் மூலம் ejecta இருந்து கொண்டு ஒரு மத்திய crater ஒரு கூம்பு வடிவத்தில் vent சுற்றி பெருகும், ஒரு பிடிபட்ட ஸ்ரீ vent உருவாக் ...

Domain: Natural environment; Category: Volcano

Não existe consenso entre os vulcanologistas sobre como definir um vulcão "ativo". A vida útil de um vulcão pode variar de meses a milhões de anos, fazendo tal distinção às vezes insignificante ...

Domain: Natural environment; Category: Volcano

Lahar jest rodzajem potoku błota lub gruzu przepływu składa się z gnojowicy materiału piroklastycznego, skalistego gruzu i wody. Materiał spływa z wulkanu, zwykle wzdłuż doliny rzeki. Lahars są ...

Domain: Natural environment; Category: Volcano

It is difficult to distinguish an extinct volcano from a dormant (inactive) one. Volcanoes are often considered to be extinct if there are no written records of its activity. Nevertheless, volcanoes ...

Domain: Natural environment; Category: Volcano

Extinct volcanoes are those that scientists consider unlikely to erupt again, because the volcano no longer has a magma supply. Examples of extinct volcanoes are many volcanoes on the Hawaiian – ...

Domain: Natural environment; Category: Volcano

There is no consensus among volcanologists on how to define an "active" volcano. The lifespan of a volcano can vary from months to several million years, making such a distinction sometimes ...

Domain: Natural environment; Category: Volcano

A pyroclastic flow (also known scientifically as a pyroclastic density current) is a fast-moving current of hot gas and rock (collectively known as tephra), which reaches speeds moving away from a ...

Domain: Natural environment; Category: Volcano

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