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Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone

It is the first novel that JK rowling has written, her debut novel, the first novel in the Harry Potter Series and it was first published on 26 June 1997.

The novel starts with the story about notorious, the most evil and powerful dark wizard named Lord Voldemort, and his mysterious disappearance after murdering James and Lily Potter and an attempt to kill their only son, Harry. While the wizarding world celebrates the downfall of the dark Lord, Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonaggal and Hagrid bring a year old Harry to his aunt house (Four Privet Drive) and leave him there, asking his Muggle aunt to take care of him. 10 years have passed, Harry childhood was not as wonderful as other kid, his aunt and uncles treat him so badly, more like a slave than a family member, they have a son named Dudley, he is a spoiled brat.

Until one day a letter comes from Hogwarts (school of wizardry), shortly before his 11th birthday, but his uncle, Vernon destroys the letter even before Harry can read it. The following day more and more letters are coming, Vernon decided to take Harry and his family to a remote island. However in the middle of the night, on Harry 11th birthday, Hagrid, a half giant bursts through the door, to deliver Harry the letter himself and explain that he is a wizard and it is time for him to go where he belongs.

On the next day, Hagrid introduces him to the world of magic, brings him to diagon alley to buy some necessities for schools and withdraw money that his parents left for him. He was bewildered indeed, and he also discovers that he is famous - being called as "the boy who lived'.

Short story, he left for Hogwarts, he meets Weasley family who shows him how to pass 9 3/4 platform, through magical wall. And on the train he sits next to soon to be best friend Ron Weasley and he mentions that some one tries to rob a vault at Gringotts. and they met her soon to be their best friend, Hermione Granger. And three of them belongs to the same house in hongwats i.e. Griffindor.

One day when Harry , Ron and Hermione visit Hagrid, they learn that the attempted robbery happened on the day when Harry and Hagrid visited Gringottes to withdraw money, and on that day Hagrid also retrieved small package from the vault that had been broken into.

From then on, the novel talks about how Harry finally finds out that the package is a philosopher stone, from which elixir of life can be extracted. The one who wants trying stealing the stone was actually Quirell, because he serves Voldemort.

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