Applied Scholastics

Industry: Education
Created date : May 13, 2012

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Group Detail: The link between Applied Scholastics and individual Scientologists is provided by groups called "Clear Expansion Committees," unincorporated bodies established under a 1994 programme to provide a direct link with the "social reform" groups. A statement by the Church of Scientology says that Applied Scholastics is making it "possible for the peoples of earth to walk onto and up The Bridge." When the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the Guardian’s Office in 1977, in pursuit of the crimes which led eventually to the conviction of the GO’s senior staff, it seized a huge quantity of confidential documents which revealed how the GO saw its relationship with Applied Scholastics. The papers show that Applied Scholastics was, in Scientology’s own words, a "front group". Even within the Church of Scientology, this knowledge was closely guarded, although it was reportedly fairly common informal knowledge amongst the rank and file. Applied Scholastics itself, and each of its subordinate organizations, are run essentially as Scientology franchises. The CSI Form 1023 submission to the IRS revealed that Applied Scholastics’ schools remit "ten percent of the funds they receive in connection with their Applied Scholastics’ activities." This is an absolutely standard Scientology franchising arrangement, replicated across Scientology’s corporate empire