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Articles of clothing in general; from the most basic of undergarments to outer attire such as shoes or accessories.

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Apparel; Sleepwear

A babydoll is a woman's short gown sometimes with lace, ruffles, bows and ribbons, may be with spaghetti straps. Made of delicate fabrics, often sheer and many times formed of ...

brush back

Apparel; Sleepwear

It is a type of fabric lining the inside of a pajama that gives a warm, flannel feel against the skin.

drawstring waist

Apparel; Sleepwear

It is a string sewn into the waistband of a pant that draws the waist in for a snug fit and is most commonly tied into a bow.

bed jacket

Apparel; Sleepwear

It's a short jacket or robe that is worn over pajamas and used to keep warm in bed or provide extra coverage.


Apparel; Sleepwear

Loose fitting sleep gown with no waistline and usually with spaghetti straps. Originally worn as undergarment, later as night wear. Sometimes called a shift or slip.

shortie pajama

Apparel; Sleepwear

It is a two-piece pajama set and the bottom is a short. Usually worn in summer.


Apparel; Sleepwear

It is a loose-fitting nightshirt and is typically a little longer than a regular shirt.