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Computer; Productivity software

A unit of information that consists of eight bits and is used to measure the amount of information in a computer's memory.


Computer; Productivity software

Kind of short phrases or sentences, usually on a screen of computer, of non editable screen, like Acrobat for example. Kind od labels on screen of computers with usually ...


Computer; Productivity software

The main circuit board of a computer. The motherboard usually has a central processing unit, memory, and circuits.


Computer; Productivity software

One of the tiny squares that light up in different colors to make up an image on a computer.


Computer; Productivity software

This is a computer graphic visualization process.


Software; Productivity software

The creation of an image containing geometric models, using color and shading to give the image a realistic look. Usually part of a geometric modeling package such as a CAD ...

data manipulation language

Software; Productivity software

The subset of SQL statements that is used to retrieve and manipulate data. DML statements typically start with SELECT INSERT UPDATE or DELETE.