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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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Mega Millions

Entertainment; Gambling

A popular lottery in the United States that is legally available in 42 different jurisdictions. Each ticket costs $1 USD, and can be redeemed for a jackpot of no less than $12 ...


Entertainment; Gambling

Casino employee who tries to get games started by joining empty tables.


Entertainment; Gambling

A client at a casino who does not tip.


Entertainment; Gambling

A gratuity given from casino clients to dealers and other staff.


Entertainment; Gambling

A mirror used for cheating in a casino, allowing the dealer to see players' cards.

washing the cards

Entertainment; Gambling

Combining different (but identical) decks of cards before spreading them onto the table and randomly mixing them.

wire joint

Entertainment; Gambling

A corrupt casino which uses rigged tables.