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Industry that includes methods of travel and spacecraft for navigating the air or space.

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specific heat

Aerospace; Control systems

The ratio of the thermal capacity of a substance to the thermal capacity of water.

speed governor

Aerospace; Control systems

Device to relieve the pilot from resetting the power lever when outside air temperature and pressure change. Consists of flyweights balanced by a spring.

stable operation

Aerospace; Control systems

Condition where no appreciable fluctuation, intentional or unintentional, is occurring to any of the engine's variables such as RPM, temperature, or pressure.

standard day conditions

Aerospace; Control systems

59o F, sea level barometric pressure (29. 92 inches of mercury).

vaporizing tubes

Aerospace; Control systems

Devices used instead of fuel nozzles in a T53-L-11 engine.

variable inlet guide vanes

Aerospace; Control systems

Devices located in front of the first compressor rotor to guide the angle of incidence of the inlet air to the first compressor rotor.

vermatherm element

Aerospace; Control systems

Device which senses outlet fuel temperature and closes the core valve and opens the bypass valve.