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Industry that includes methods of travel and spacecraft for navigating the air or space.

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Aerospace; Control systems

Hot gases discharged from the engine through the exhaust diffuser section.

exhaust diffuser

Aerospace; Control systems

Section composed of an inner and outer housing, separated by hollow struts across the exhaust passage. It forms a divergent flow path for the exhaustgases.

exhaust gas temperature indicator

Aerospace; Control systems

Sensitive millivolt meter calibrated in degree centigrade, activated by an electrical force generated by its thermocouple.


Aerospace; Control systems

Relay through the controls of aerodynamic forces exerted on the control surfaces and felt by the pilot.

fir tree mount

Aerospace; Control systems

Manner of attaching the blades to the disk in the turbine rotor assembly. The root of the blade where it is attached to the disk is shaped like a fir tree.

foreign object

Aerospace; Control systems

Any object such as a tool, piece of equipment, engine part (nut, bolt, lockwire) that could in any way damage the engine.

foreign object damage

Aerospace; Control systems

Commonly called FOD, harm or destruction to the turbine engine caused by foreign objects sucked into the inlet area of the engine with the required air.