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Industry that includes methods of travel and spacecraft for navigating the air or space.

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Aerospace; Control systems

Shaped by hammering. Only the malleable metals are worked successfully. The application of heat increases plasticity.

free-power turbine engine

Aerospace; Control systems

The turbine engine used by the Army. Sixty percent of the energy produced by combustion is extracted by the gas producer turbine to drive the gasproducer rotor. The rest of the ...

frictional loss

Aerospace; Control systems

Resistance to the relative motion of air flowing along a duct.

frontal area

Aerospace; Control systems

Front part of a gas turbine engine, smaller than that of a reciprocating engine, therefore producing less drag.

front of engine

Aerospace; Control systems

End from which power is extracted. An exception is the T73 engine on the CH-54, in which the power is extracted at the end where the exhaust gas is expelled.

fuel controls

Aerospace; Control systems

Devices to control fuel flow. They are usually hydromechanical and include speed governors, servo systems, valves, metering systems, and sensingpickups.

fuel divider

Aerospace; Control systems

Device that meters fuel to the engine nozzles according to a predetermined schedule of secondary flow versus primary flow.