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Alternative therapy

Preventative and therapeutic health care practices, such as acupuncture, naturopathy, chiropractic, homeopathy and herbal medicine. Generally do not follow accepted medical methods. May not require medical explanations for their success or use.

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Alternative therapy > Alternative psychotherapy


Alternative therapy; Alternative psychotherapy

Hypnotherapy is the treatment of a variety of (mainly mental) conditions by hypnotism, inducing a deep state of relaxation during which our subconscious or unconscious minds are ...

holotropic breathwork

Alternative therapy; Alternative psychotherapy

Holotropic breathwork is a practice that uses breathing and other elements to allow access to non-ordinary states for the purpose of self-exploration. It was developed by Czech ...

Indeterminate Synthetic Music Feedback (ISMF)

Alternative therapy; Alternative psychotherapy

ISMF is an unconventional technique that produces unique music at the same moment one is listening to it. ISMF music is not recorded music, it has never been heard before, and it ...

indeterminate synthetic music feedback (ISMF)

Alternative therapy; Alternative psychotherapy

ISMF is the abbreviation of Indeterminate Synthetic Music Feedback. In short, ISMF produces unique music at the same moment one is listening to it. ISMF music is not recorded ...

The potential of own existence cure the disease

Medical; Illness

This is a book about keeping in good health, health, psychology and immunity, potential books, he can give you a hug.

quantum healing hynosis therapy

Alternative therapy; Alternative psychotherapy

Technique developed by Dolores Cannon. It induces an individual to the Somnambulistic state of trance through visualization. This state is under ordinary circumstances only ...


Alternative therapy; Alternative psychotherapy

Hypnosis of the induction of a deeply relaxed and yet alert mental state. Some practitioners have claimed hypnosis might help boost the immune system. However, according to the ...