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Articles of clothing in general; from the most basic of undergarments to outer attire such as shoes or accessories.

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Apparel; Accessories

Elasticized strips worn over either shoulder and attached to the beltline of pants, designed to keep the pants up.

Integrated circuit

Semiconductors; Components, parts &

A small electronic circuit of semiconductor devices and passive devices on a piece of semiconductor material.


Apparel; Accessories

Also known as bandanna, it refers to a large, usually colourful or patterned, kerchief, that is worn around the head or neck. They are often printed with a paisley pattern and can ...


Apparel; Accessories

The cummerbund is a broad waist sash usually worn with single-breasted dinner jackets or tuxedos. They were first worn by British military officers in British India but nowadays ...


Apparel; Accessories

A square, oblong or triangular piece of material worn around the head or shoulders in place of a cot or hat; or a blanket that is wrapped around a baby.

Jawbone Up24

Apparel; Accessories

Launched in November 2013, Jawbone released the UP24 and the 3.0 software update. With similar dimensions to the UP, UP24 features the ability to sync wirelessly via Bluetooth to ...

Misfit Shine

Apparel; Accessories

The Shine is an activity tracker,made of aircraft grade aluminum that gives users insights into how much they are moving and sleeping. Misfit Wearables released a companion iPhone ...