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The scientific study of physical remains, whether monuments, artifacts or relics of past human life, cultures or activities.

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Archaeology > Human evolution

interstitial wear

Archaeology; Human evolution

See interproximal wear.

one gene-one enzyme hypothesis

Archaeology; Human evolution

The hypothesis, based on Beadle and Tatum's studies in biochemical genetics, that each gene controls the synthesis of one enzyme.

formation processes

Archaeology; Human evolution

Those processes affecting the way in which archaeological materials came to be buried, and theirsubsequent history afterwards. Cultural formation processes include the deliberate ...


Archaeology; Human evolution

A geographically defined aggregate of local populations which differs with various degrees of significance (depending on the author) from other such subdivisions of the species.


Archaeology; Human evolution

A statistical measure of how values vary from the mean. See also standard deviation.


Archaeology; Human evolution

Chromatin that is condensed during division but becomes uncoiled during interphase.

short interspersed repeated sequences (SINEs)

Archaeology; Human evolution

One class of interspersed and highly repeated sequences that consist of dispersed families with unit lengths of fewer than 500 base pairs and repeated for as many as hundreds of ...