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Arts & crafts comprises a multitude of activities and hobbies that involve making things with one's hands, usually from scratch. They can be sub-divided into 'handicrafts'( or traditional crafts ) that are fashioned in an old style using long practised techniques, and the rest which are more modern inventions that have become recent trends or fads.

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Arts & crafts; Ceramics

Natural tendency of materials in liquid solution to go from area of high concentration to area of lower concentration, resulting in even distribution of materials throughout the ...

sang-de- boeuf

Arts & crafts; Ceramics

 Ox-blood colour used to describe deep red colour of some glazes


Arts & crafts; Ceramics

In glaze-melt, inclusions which disperse throughout the melt without actually dissolving into the glassy-phase. Examples are titanium or zirconium particles, colloidal copper, or ...


Arts & crafts; Ceramics

Action of a solvent material upon a solid, bringing it into liquid solution. During glaze firing, the point at which the glassy-phase dissolves the sintered structure of the ...


Arts & crafts; Ceramics

Process of incising shallow grooves into surface of wet or leather hard clay in cross-hatch pattern before applying slurry and joining pieces.


Arts & crafts; Ceramics

Kiln where exhaust gases exit through flue at floor-level. Requires chimney to develop convection currents needed to draw off exhaust gases. Best system for reduction firing.