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Arts & crafts comprises a multitude of activities and hobbies that involve making things with one's hands, usually from scratch. They can be sub-divided into 'handicrafts'( or traditional crafts ) that are fashioned in an old style using long practised techniques, and the rest which are more modern inventions that have become recent trends or fads.

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action painting

Arts & crafts; Modern art

A type of dynamic, impulsive painting in which the artist applies paint with energic gestural movements and with no preconceived idea of what the picture will look like.

seashell necklace

Arts & crafts; Modern art

A necklace made from seashells or an imitation of such shells.

applied art

Arts & crafts; Modern art

Term describing the design or decoration of functional objects so as to make them aesthetically pleasing.


Arts & crafts; Modern art

The French word for watercolour; it is sometimes used in English to distinguish true watercolour painting - in transparent washes - from gouache, which is opaque.


Arts & crafts; Modern art

Opaque watercolour, sometimes also known as body colour. It differs from transparent watercolour in that the pigments are bound with glue and the lighter tones are obtained by the ...


Arts & crafts; Modern art

A printmaking method related to etching but producing finely granulated tonal areas rather than lines. The term applies also to a print made by this method.


Arts & crafts; Modern art

Term applied to a method of engraving in which the design is bitten into the plate with acid, and also to the print so produced.