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Arts & crafts comprises a multitude of activities and hobbies that involve making things with one's hands, usually from scratch. They can be sub-divided into 'handicrafts'( or traditional crafts ) that are fashioned in an old style using long practised techniques, and the rest which are more modern inventions that have become recent trends or fads.

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Arts & crafts; Sculpture

Exposing to heat in a kiln a clay body to harden it or an investment casing containing wax so as to "lose it" which is an integral part of the lost-wax process . See Foundry.


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

The building or place where the casting of bronze takes place by the lost-wax, sand casting or ceramic shell processes. Typically a foundry will have subdivisions of activities ...


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

In casting, any of the several channels or ducts through which molten material is carried from the main channel or sprue, to the hollow part of the investment mould or casing and ...


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

A layer of ceramic or glass that is fused onto the surface of the clay of a pot or ceramic piece. Used to seal the piece, decorate it, or both.

haut relief

Arts & crafts; Sculpture

French for high or deep relief. Alto-rilievo in Italian. In a haut relief sculpture the figures project at least half of their natural circumference from the background. See ...


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

The process (rather "unforgiving") of taking away material from a given volume. Used on wood, stone, marble, plaster, ice or other "hard" materials. In sculpture, it is the act of ...


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

The act of shaping stone, wood, and plaster by cutting with specially designed tools.